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Speak directly to a website designer about your website needs and get a free website quote! The cost of a website is often the bottom line for small businesses. We can help you get what you need for a price you can afford.

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Web Design California is a small business web design company in the Los Angeles area....we are a small business website design company with BIG personal service. We are not the biggest but we might be the best web design company for you!

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Why choose our company? We cater to small business and individuals who need a high quality professional website and personal service tailored to their needs and budget. We have been in business since 1996 and still have many clients who chose our services in those early years...there are good reasons for this.

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Website Design SuccessWeb Design California is a Site-Maker company. We began our business as site-maker.com in 1996 in Seattle and from the beginning based our business on high quality professional website designs and easily accessible personal service. Our business grew quickly and we moved it to Sacramento in 2000 and soon established a thriving website design business in California's capitol. We were drawn to Southern California and moved our business once again in 2003 to the Los Angeles area. We are here to stay as we have found the creative climate and the weather quite agreeable.

We are a small company catering to small business and individuals who are looking for high quality website development without a lot of beaurocracy to wade through. You can call us, you can talk to us. Real people answer the phone.

We will be honest with you about what we can and what we cannot do for you. Some clients approach us with a project that we simply cannot fit into the budget they have available and rather than tell them we can give them exactly what they want, and then cut corners, we explain how we can accomplish what they need and stay within their budget by modifying some of the details.

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Web Design California is a Site-Maker company

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