Congratulations to Pete and Laura!

I just love a small home wedding. This resilient couple was supposed to have their wedding on a tropical island and then Hurricane Harvey wiped out the island! They just decided to carry on and have the wedding at their home. This is a couple that will know how to sustain during the storms of life! Enjoy some pictures from their special day!

xoxo Chaplain Tara

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Kevin and Erin said ‘I do’

I was a fire department chaplain for 5 years so when I am asked to do the wedding of a firefighter I get really excited! This couple is so perfect for one another and I am confident they will make it for the long haul! Enjoy some pictures from their special day!

xoxo Chaplain Tara

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Sarah and David!

There is nothing I love better than to participate in a friend’s daughter/son’s wedding. While I did not perform the ceremony, I was honored to meet with Sarah and David for the pre-marriage counseling. Their pastor did the ceremony and it was beautiful. The reception was very swanky at a private and very posh country club! Enjoy a few pictures from their special day.

xoxo Chaplain Tara


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Deborah and Aldo say I do!!!

At the end of April this sweet couple had a beautiful spring wedding at Moffitt Oaks. This couple met at work and were friends initially. I always think the best fit for a couple is to have been friends first before love. To me it lays such a great foundation, leaving love as the icing on the cake, wedding cake that is! Enjoy a few pictures from their special day.

xoxo Chaplain Tara

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Brittni and John-Mark say ‘I do’!

Always such a joy to perform the wedding for any of my friend’s kids! This was special because Brittni’s mom and I have been prayer partners for over 7 years! I so love Brittni, and have prayed for Brittni along with all our kids, and her wedding was proof that God hears a mothers prayers and God loves our kids!

The wedding was at Brittni’s mother and dad’s home in my neighborhood. I had the pleasure of meeting John-Mark a few months before the wedding because the couple lives out of state. I really love this young man. What a leader he is and what a strong but quiet presence he is in Brittni’s life. Together with her sweet and nurturing spirit they will become such role models for marriage, and parenthood when that season comes along.

I have full confidence that these two are so well suited for married life and all God has for them, I along with their families will be on tip toes to see what great things God has in store for Brittni and John-Mark.

Enjoy these wedding photos from this beautiful couple on their beautiful wedding day!

I look very serious don't I? I do! I do!

Signing on the dotted line. Signing the certificate!

Bless You,

Chaplain Tara

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Yvanna and Chase have their Dream Wedding!

Early in April I had the joy of uniting a sweet friend of mines son Chase, and his beautiful fiancé Yvanna. This couple is so mature, smart and in love that they made excellent students! Chase and Yvanna chose to enroll in the Prepare-Enrich Pre-Marital course that I am a certified facilitator for.

I am always so happy to see couples do this because it gives them so many ‘tools’ to put in their tool belt that can carry them through the years.

Yvanna is already so beautiful and in that wedding dress, wow is all I can say! Chase is such a unique combination of smarts and relationships. He has forged some of the best guy friendships which was reflected in his groomsmen, even down to them each saying something to Chase as they walked by him to the altar. Chase and Yvanna have all odds FOR them as they head into married life.

I have full confidence they will see each other grow old and have the future children and grandchildren as proof of the fruitful life God will give them as they participate with Him in this beautiful, crazy dance we call marriage.

Enjoy this beautiful couple with a few wedding pictures.

The Bride before the 'I do's! Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.56.46 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.56.36 PM

Bless You,

Chaplain Tara

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Home Wedding for Kathleen and Michael!

This was such a blessing to me to be able to be trusted with this couples special day. They are both about 50 and it was a lovely and elegant home wedding. Kathleen looked beautiful in her navy blue dress with the perfect touch of a beautiful pearl drop necklace. They had a few family members present and then were headed off to have lunch at Perry’s Steakhouse.

I loved hearing their story, love has no time limits whether you are in your 20’s or 50’s or beyond! Congratulations to Kathleen and Michael on the brand new family God created at the altar today. Here’s a little photo of the bride and groom.

Kathleen and Michael

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Laurel and Brian Tie the Knot!

In all my family summer activities I have gotten a little behind on my blog posts! This was really one of my favorite couples because I got to know them so well during their pre-marital Prepare-Enrich sessions. Brian is steady and quiet and Laurel is outgoing and friendly!

I think they are a perfect compliment to each other and they will do well in married life!

I still keep in touch as they have begun this new season of their lives and I am sure glad she emails me with updates on her job and their new home!

Enjoy a few pictures of this adorable couple….

Almost go time! An important Date! Engagement Photo

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Amber and Andrew’s Tuscany Villa Wedding

Several weeks ago I performed the wedding for Amber and Andrew in Katy at Tuscany Villa. I have never done a wedding in Katy or at Tuscany Villa! It was a lovely venue and such a fun wedding.

This wedding party was so organized and had so many cute touches. They read their own vows, which were filled with humorous and sweet words. A little laughter during the ceremony is actually a good thing, it can bring a sigh of relief to a case of nerves that is common for the wedding day!

I visited them several months ago at school in Huntsville as they are both students. Their house will be filled with fun and lots of laughter which can carry married life through many challenges!

Enjoy a few photos from their wedding day!

wed2 wedThe bride watching the flower girls get their picture taken!I told you they were organized!!


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Stephanie and Jared’s Resort Wedding

I had the joy of joining in marriage Stephanie and Jared a few weeks ago. Not only was this couple absolutely darling, but I fell in love with their families and friends as well! Such a fun sweet couple and group!

The ceremony and reception were at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. It was amazing. The brides dress was enough to knock not only the groom’s socks off, but everyone else’s as well!

I loved the special touches this bride had, like the cute fans for everyone to take outside for the ceremony to keep cool by. The bridal party and the parents all listed by name on the fan! What a great idea! Jared has a law practice in a nearby city, while Stephanie travels to train folks for a software company.  This couple has many resources of their own, and many to pull from with such a great and supportive family and many friends cheering them on all the way! Enjoy a few photo’s from their special day.

Bless you,



Stephanie and JaredLook at the detail on her dress...Great idea!The 'I do's'!Off they go!

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