Yvanna and Chase have their Dream Wedding!

Early in April I had the joy of uniting a sweet friend of mines son Chase, and his beautiful fiancé Yvanna. This couple is so mature, smart and in love that they made excellent students! Chase and Yvanna chose to enroll in the Prepare-Enrich Pre-Marital course that I am a certified facilitator for.

I am always so happy to see couples do this because it gives them so many ‘tools’ to put in their tool belt that can carry them through the years.

Yvanna is already so beautiful and in that wedding dress, wow is all I can say! Chase is such a unique combination of smarts and relationships. He has forged some of the best guy friendships which was reflected in his groomsmen, even down to them each saying something to Chase as they walked by him to the altar. Chase and Yvanna have all odds FOR them as they head into married life.

I have full confidence they will see each other grow old and have the future children and grandchildren as proof of the fruitful life God will give them as they participate with Him in this beautiful, crazy dance we call marriage.

Enjoy this beautiful couple with a few wedding pictures.

The Bride before the 'I do's! Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.56.46 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.56.36 PM

Bless You,

Chaplain Tara

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