Brittni and John-Mark say ‘I do’!

Always such a joy to perform the wedding for any of my friend’s kids! This was special because Brittni’s mom and I have been prayer partners for over 7 years! I so love Brittni, and have prayed for Brittni along with all our kids, and her wedding was proof that God hears a mothers prayers and God loves our kids!

The wedding was at Brittni’s mother and dad’s home in my neighborhood. I had the pleasure of meeting John-Mark a few months before the wedding because the couple lives out of state. I really love this young man. What a leader he is and what a strong but quiet presence he is in Brittni’s life. Together with her sweet and nurturing spirit they will become such role models for marriage, and parenthood when that season comes along.

I have full confidence that these two are so well suited for married life and all God has for them, I along with their families will be on tip toes to see what great things God has in store for Brittni and John-Mark.

Enjoy these wedding photos from this beautiful couple on their beautiful wedding day!

I look very serious don't I? I do! I do!

Signing on the dotted line. Signing the certificate!

Bless You,

Chaplain Tara

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