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Speak directly to a website designer about your website needs and get a free website quote! The cost of a website is often the bottom line for small businesses. We can help you get what you need for a price you can afford.

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Web Design California is a small business web design company in the Los Angeles area....we are a small business website design company with BIG personal service. We are not the biggest but we might be the best web design company for you!

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Why choose our company? We cater to small business and individuals who need a high quality professional website and personal service tailored to their needs and budget. We have been in business since 1996 and still have many clients who chose our services in those early years...there are good reasons for this.

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E-Commerce Website DesignE-Commerce website design is a whole area of expertise in itself. At first the prospect of creating an e-commerce website can seem overwhelming.....we are here to make it simple. We have been building e-commerce websites since 1996 and have helped many businesses thrive on the internet.

We help you understand exactly what you need to create an e-commerce website:

  • Website - you will need a website, either a custom built web site that looks exactly the way you want it to look or a website that is built into an e-store interface which can be modified but must stay within the design parameters of the templates available for the specific e-store.
  • Hosting - If you have a custom built website you will need hosting which we can provide or you can choose your own website hosting company
  • Shopping Cart - The shopping cart will contain all of the product information and calculate the online transactions. There are many shopping carts to choose from and we are happy to recommend one that is perfectly suited to what you need.
  • E-Store - if you choose to go with an e-store format your shopping cart will be built into the template structure of the e-store and the flexibility of the design will be determined by what each company has available for templates and modifications.
  • Merchant Account - your online merchant account will actually complete the transactions and deposit the money in your business bank account. The merchant account receives the details of the sale and processes the customers credit card to complete the transaction.

Happily we can provide all of the above so you don't have to deal with every confusing detail in the considerable process of creating a great e-commerce website.

We concentrate on every aspect that goes into creating a successful e-commerce site:

  • Overall design - your website has to look good and reflect the nature of your business
  • Navigation - must be user-friendly, always easy to get where you want to go and always clear where you are and how to get back to anything you have viewed
  • Shopping cart design and layout - must be clearly organized, display the producst attractively, be easy to use, add & delete items, checkout
  • SEO - search engine friendly design



Web Design California is a Site-Maker company

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