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Going to the Chaplain



So wonderful to have someone who really takes the time to get to know you as a couple and initiates a deeper understanding of one another to establish a lifetime of love. What a difference it makes to have a chaplain who really invests in you and your partner to make sure that you are truly ready for such a large
commitment! Love her!!!
-- Cyndi C.

Vendor provided excellent marriage counseling in a limited time frame. She listened and questioned without making us uncomfortable. She offered unbiased feedback and spoke from experience. She was kind and generous. My husband and I absolutely loved her! -- Kelly D.

Words cannot truly express what a wonderful individual Tara is, but I will give it my best try.
Tara came into my life in 2009 when my dad was hospitalized after suffering from a heart complication that would leave him in a coma for nearly a month. Tara (at the time a Chaplin for the Tomball Fire Department - my dad is a firefighter) became a rock and dear friend to my family as we waited for my dad to recover.
Tara prayed with my mom, checked in daily and became so close that we began to think of her as an extended part of our family.
Skip ahead two years, with my dad fully recovered and when Chris (my now husband) and I get engaged. As we began planning details of our wedding, one thing that we were both 100% sure of was that we wanted Tara to marry us. Not only did Tara sit and chat with us openly about our beliefs as well as our future
together, she helped us plan for a ʻsurpriseʼ wedding. We had our families meet us for a ʻfamily counseling sessionʼ with Tara, where we surprised everyone and said our vows. Chris and I had been dating for 8+ years at the time and for us, it was the perfect way to celebrate our commitment. More than anything, Tara was
a friend through our entire marriage celebration and Chris and I were honored to say our vows with her.
I imagine that - had we not known Tara before getting married - we would have searched for someone who was professional, friendly and passionate about what they do. Tara holds all of these qualities and more.
-- Stephanie C.

Our experience working with Chaplain Tara through our pre marriage counseling was such a comfortable pleasure. Tara made it easy and comfortable for for us to open up and talk about our concerns before marriage and after marriage. We went over all aspects and expressed our feelings. She really took the time to listen to our feelings and helped us through them all. I never felt
uncomfortable once. She is the sweetest lady to speak with and I feel blessed she was there to guide us through such an important time in my now husbands and my life. She was so wonderful the day of our wedding. She made sure we were both comfortable and took the time to pray with each of us before we committed our lives to one another. She had such kind words to say of us during our ceremony. We first met her though my husbands fire department and she has been there through our ups and downs and had always been there and prayed for us. God blessed us by placing Tara in our lives. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect woman to help my husband and I see the true meaning of marriage and help guide us there a wonderful journey in our lives.
-- Megan T.

Mrs. Dorroh was an Excellent Chaplain for our Wedding. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professionalism, integrity, & dedication. -- Lina E.

That was the best wedding we have ever been to! You were amazing. We couldn't have done it without you. You are such an amazing, inspirational and supportive woman given all that you know we have been through. We can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us. Everybody loved the ceremony. People were touched by your words, the letters and sand ceremony. We received many positive comments about them during the reception. A friend of mine tried to tell me how much he liked the sand ceremony but couldn't do it without tearing up. I have known this guy for 17 years and never thought he was capable of such emotion. Thank you for being a big part of our day and guiding us in the right direction. -- Eric H. and Angela H.

We had Tara as our officiant at our wedding and she did an amazing job. We met with her beforehand and she was so easy to talk to. She truly wants to be there for you and get to know you. She was able to stick with the traditional ceremony, but was able to make it personal for me and my husband. We got many compliments about our chaplain and my bridesmaids even noted how together she was for rehearsal and the actual day, which made is so much easier for us to enjoy. I highly recommend her. -- Kelly T.

Tel: 713.822.4150


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