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Speak directly to a website designer about your website needs and get a free website quote! The cost of a website is often the bottom line for small businesses. We can help you get what you need for a price you can afford.

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Web Design California is a small business web design company in the Los Angeles area....we are a small business website design company with BIG personal service. We are not the biggest but we might be the best web design company for you!

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Why choose our company? We cater to small business and individuals who need a high quality professional website and personal service tailored to their needs and budget. We have been in business since 1996 and still have many clients who chose our services in those early years...there are good reasons for this.

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Our price for a professional website ranges anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $15,000. If you just need a few pages of content and a simple design you can have a custom built for $500-$1200.

We will be happy to discuss the cost of building your website, re-designing an existing website, maintaining and updating your web site, SEO search engine optimization services or any other website service you require, by phone, and give you a free quote.

We will also give some cost guidelines and information below to give you an idea what our services might cost for what you need.

The actual cost is determined by your budget, what you want for a design, what content and how much you have. For instance is your content mainly text and a few images or do you have lots of images, videos, forms, etc? If it's an e-commerce website the number of products, images, product options also figure into the cost.

We find out from you what you need and want and give you a quote for the project. If that is agreeable we will draw up a proposal and contract for your approval. Standard payment arrangement is 50% deposit and 50% when the work is completed but if you need more flexible payment options they can be arranged.

Maintenance and updates are billed at $75/hr. and we track our time in five minute increments.

Call for a quote or other information: 818.248.74455

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